Selection of Chimney Cowls

Chimney Cowls

There are a multitide of Cowls available for different flues and and fire types. Cowls can be used for variety of purposes such as:

It is important to install the correct type of Cowl. We supply and fit all types of cowls. Contact Us today for professional advice.

Birdguard Style Cowl

A lot of cowls have metal legs which just push into the top of the pot. These are not ideal from the chimney sweeps point of view and are easily dislodged or knocked off completely and we do not recommend them for this reason. These types of cowl are often bought because they are cheap

High Top Birdguard

The metal 'hat' keeps the rain out which is especially important if the chimney is very straight. The mesh stops birds and debris and the height of the mesh allows the chimney sweep to get brushes right up and out of the pot without disturbing the cowl. This means the brush can be 'jiggled' to dislodge any build up of soot on the mesh. The clamps on the outside of the pot mean that when the chimney is swept,the brush will not push any 'legs' out from inside.

Spinning Chimney Cowls

Spinning Cowls are designed to cure the problems associated with downdraught. The rotating action also assists ventilation. Painted spinning cowls reduce the sunlight reflections when the cowl is spinning.

Closed Cap Cowls

The Closed Cap is a revolutionary design of chimney cap which helps minimise heat loss from disused chimney flues. It provides 100% protection of the flue against rain, hail, snow, nesting birds, leaves etc which protects it from damage while still allowing ventilation of the flue which is essential.

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