If your fire back is broken or cracked it will need to be replaced. hublot replica sale When replacing the fireback there is no disruption to the fireplace. The whole process will take a max of three to four hours. rolex replica sale Once the new fireback has been fitted, you cant light the fire for a week. This is to give the new fireback time to dry out properly.

The new fireback will be fitted to building regulations and back filled with vermiculite and sealed with fire rope. This will redirect more heat into the room and not up the flue. hublot replica sale There will be necessary expansion joints and fire rope seals incorporated into the assembly ensuring the fireback won't crack prematurely. rolex replica

A fireback that has been installed as a D.I.Y job or by an unqualified person may be below 25% efficient. rolex replica uk Those installed by a professional installer can be up around 37%.

Images of a firebacks